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Summer Program - How to Tie a Tie and other Life Skills Aps


Summer Program

 It is designed to augment the curriculum taught in public, private, home and parochial school. While it is geared towards 6th through 8th graders, it could easily be customized to other grades.    

Eight Week Program Runs from June 17, 2019 thru August 8, 2019

There are four different sessions of this program.  Mon/Wed 10 AM to 12 Noon; Mon/Wed 1 PM to 3 PM;  Tues/Thurs 10 M to 12 Noon and Tues/Thurs 1 PM to 3 PM

Goals of Program


The goals of this program are to expose middle school children (grades 6th to 8th) to life skills that are beneficial to their future and will assist them socially and academically. Studies have shown that adults with better social skills command more respect in their work, social and academic environments. 

Unfortunately, with the pressures that already fall on parents, some of these skill sets are omitted from daily living. But we all know that raising a kind and caring teen who uses good manners will be very beneficial to his or her future.  That’s where How to Tie a Tie and Other Life Skill Apps fits in to the puzzle.  It will touch on all of the 5 B’s. 

Be Respectful – Be Honest – Be Responsible – Be Grateful – Be Kind. 

Objectives Of Program


The Objectives of the program are the following:

By the end of the 8 weeks, students should have:

1. Module 1:  An understanding of how to make basic introductions; how to shake hands with the proper eye contact; how to set a breakfast, lunch and dinner table and the associated table manners that should be exhibited during meals. Learn some basic cooking skills.

2. Module 2:  An ability to perform the basic steps of the Waltz with a partner; ability to tie a tie and a bowtie; understand the concept of dress code - collared shirt v. a tee shirt; and understand when short is too short and when it is ok.

3. Module 3:  An exposure to issues relating to personal safety; bullying, cyber bullying and tools that will mitigate these types of challenges.

4. Module 4: An ability to balance a banking account; ability to start saving for the future; start thinking about the future.

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